France overturns ban on captive dolphin breeding

It mirrored a move in California to outlaw breeding of killer whales and which was aimed at bringing an end to the practice of holding the creatures in tanks for human entertainment. But several marine parks opposed the measure, saying that putting the ban into practice could be cruel. “This is great news ...
“We want to update the regulation for cetaceans, which dates back to 1981, with the government and experts, on scientific grounds and not based on convictions,” he said in reference to animal rights groups. According to activists at, there are around 3,000 whales and dolphins held in ...
US actress Pamela Anderson chose the Marineland complex in southern France for a protest last August against keeping dolphins and killer whales captive. Her placard reads: 'Captivity kills, shut down Marineland'. Marine parks also would have had to increase the size of their pools by at least 150 ...

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