Ol' Tom, Brier Island's resident orca

As for Ol' Tom swimming with dolphins and making friends with Brier Island residents, that doesn't surprise Whitehead. “It would suggest that dolphins aren't what heeats. Perhaps he's more. of a fish eater, and different whale and dolphin species are quite often seen with each other. They are all very ...
Killer whales have an incredibly diverse diet so he could be eating seals, bottom fish, herring, sea birds or porpoises.” Either way, the countdown for the next sighting has begun. “We have so many people signing up to our tours in September and early October just so that they might get a glimpse of him,” ...
Ol' Tom showed up on the same day that Brier Island was finally blessed with a bit of sunshine. Snow and grey skies had dominated the landscape for seven days straight, and this tiny Digby Neck community of 172 souls needed a boost. Maybe their old friend, the curious and playful killer whale, knew ...

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